Unproducts (The 4 Cornerstones of Existence):

Desire/Nature/Destiny/Marketplace, 2007- 8




The title Unproducts points to an understanding of general phenomenon as unfinished processes rather than end products. Desire, nature, destiny and the marketplace are presented as the cornerstones of existence, materialised as anti-designed entities in the shape of grotesque and incomprehensible plants. The sculpture as a defined shape made out of homogenous material has been replaced by a seemingly provisional and chaotic mix of traditional and untraditional materials. Formally these sculptures are complex constructions where cause and effect, process and product, association and alienation remain inseparable.



_DSC5156 -2


Nature (mixed media, 255 x 210 x 140 cm): That which is already given, our disposition and character, the programmed starting point of all growth, blooming and decay. That we cannot know save by its effects.




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Destiny (mixed media, 263 x 150 x 160): That which we cannot control, but meets us by effect of causes we do not know and will not ours.






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Desire (mixed media, 188 x 202 x 100 cm): Our hidden longings and suppressed wishes; lust driving us from nameless origins towards unknown ends.






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Marketplace (mixed media, 228 x 143 x 48 cm): The exchange of values and a place for human transactions, the trade of rights to live.